Infinite Book Check Out Day

I didn’t know this day existed.  Elizabeth declared today Infinite Book Check Out Day.  And so it was …


Travel Back to the Puritan Time Period ….

by visiting the Loquacious Library. Mr. White’s class created projects based on reading the Scarlett Letter and researching the Puritan time period. The posters, villages, paintings, and other realia are AMAZING! Come by and take a look.

nov 21 puritan life size painting nov 21 puritan puritan doll nov 21 puritan reward
nov 21 puritan the church meeting nov 21 puritan putting up scaffold

Student Selfie

Well, the iPad WAS out …..

and Mrs. Myers DOES have fun stuff on her desk ….

nov 20 masked selfie

To Kill a Mockingbird Research

On November 20th, Mrs. Myers conducted a quick review of using the catalog and talked to Hines’s classes about using DISCUS. The students used the information to locate books and other resources in researching topics (Great Depression, hobos, Jim Crow laws, etc) found in To Kill a Mockingbird.

nov 20 hines in the same section

SHS Library Bookfair!

BookfairVouchers copy When: December 10th through December 14th
Where: Barnes and Noble on 1489 W.O. Ezell Blvd
What:  SHS Library Bookfair

Do some Christmas shopping any time between December 10th and December 14th and help the Spartanburg High School Library while you shop!  The library will receive a percentage of ANY item you purchase (including food and drinks).  When you purchase items, tell the cashier that you are shopping for the SHS Library book fair.

There will be a special event on December 10th between 5:30 and 6:30.  The Freshman Academy student council will be manning a table, explaining their toy collection drive, and leaving a box for toy donations at Barnes and Noble.  All toy donations will go to the DSS Christmas Project.  More events may be scheduled later!

Are there relatives out of town who would like to purchase a gift from Barnes and Noble for their child here at SHS?  Just give them our voucher number –  11462694 – and they can use that voucher number online so we will receive a percentage of what they purchase.

All funds will go to purchase books and materials for students here at the SHS Library.



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