Brito’s Students Are Published!

The students will take turns reading the books they created next week.  The video below shows the students completing their stories and talking about their writing.


SCPL Teen Visits

David Suarez, one of the teen librarians from the Spartanburg County Public Library, talked with classes today in the Loquacious Library.  He shares information on different upcoming contests and programs and showed students two new apps available to them.


College Day – 2014

Seniors poured into the library media center to participate in College Day.  Local college representatives and guidance counselors were on hand to assist students will filling out applications.  The librarians and Mr. Babcock helped to troubleshoot if there was a computer glitch.  The local colleges were waiving fees on this day, and seniors were very excited about applying to the colleges of their choice.  Check out how the day went by playing the video below!



Film Studies and Green Screen

Today, Mr. Maddox’s film studies classes came in for a lesson on how to use the green screen.  Mrs. Layne demonstrated how to drop a photo or movie behind people on iMovie.  She then walked the students into the movie room, explained how students can use the room, took quick clips with the iPad, and then the students worked with the short video clips using iMovie.


Homecoming Week shots

We love the school spirit we have been seeing in the morning during Homecoming Week.  Yesterday, Mrs. Layne grabbed shots of people dressed in camouflage and farmer outfits, and today she caught people dressed in tacky clothing and pajamas.  I shared some photos here, but if you would like to see more, please go to our Facebook page.


oct 14 camo a camo girl oct 14 camo day camo group with myers oct 14 camo farmer with photo bomb
oct 15 tacky back to back girls oct 15 tacky pajama party oct 15 tacky tacky pink girl

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