Squirrels – Don’t READ Banned Books!

sep 29 banned books squirrel

Banned Books poster winners

Three tributes won a special challenge and submitted excellent posters in support of Banned Books. Each student gets to take home a book and a silver bookmark.

sep 28 m for banned books sep 29 m ro for banned books

September Newsletter

The Capitol Brought Reinforcements!

sep 18 reading games new results sep 18 reading games updated board

Teachers and staff were so excited about the new reading program that they asked to join as well. So far, we have thirteen staff members who joined, and they are all part of The Capitol! The Capitol will also get to participate in prize giveaways and contests. Students – join in the reading revolution – sign up so you have the forces to beat The Capitol!!

Caught Reading!

sep 17 caught reading in chair sept 17 caught reading circle sep 17 caught reading cant see
sep 17 caught reading sharing book sep 17 caught reading stairs

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