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August Loquacious Library


Mrs. Layne worked with Mrs. Jamison’s classes on being responsible researchers – citing not only DISCUS but also how/why a student should cite photos and clip art.  This is part of a collaboration where students will research a superhero – gathering a biography, photo of the superhero, and any special gear.  The superhero information will be posted on the Literopolis (an area outside of Jamison’s room will be turned into a superhero museum!).  Later, the students will compare recent superheroes with literary heroes like Beowulf.

aug 25 jamison layne starting to explain
aug 25 jamison good researchers cite

Morning Crowd Is Back!

Hey, Morning Crowd!  Thank you for coming back to see us!!  Tell other students that we open at 7:00 (you don’t need a pass), during lunch (get a pass from us or a teacher), and after school (you don’t need a pass).  Stop by and check out what is going on.

aug 25 morning Edmodo work

aug 25 morning friends getting together aug 25 morning working together

Red, White, and Blue

Friday the 22nd was wear red, white, and blue day since the Vikings were going to battle Eastern Christian Academy.  Mrs. Myers snapped photos of students wearing red, white, and blue during morning crowd.


aug 22 r w b group picture.18

MacBook Rollout

From August 20th-22nd, the library staff assisted with the MacBook Air rollout for the 10-12 students.  While Mrs. Webb handed out protective bags next door, Mrs. Myers and Layne worked with classes (two every period!) to remind students how to log into the MacAir and to make sure students could get into the email app.


aug 22 rollout group signing into email
aug 22 rollout layne helps student


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