Robotics in the Loquacious

Jamesetta James from IT-Ology worked with two classes in the media center on January 13th. The students learned about robots and technology and worked with code to make their robots move in different ways.

Thank you Ryan for This Poster!


Get Your Exercise …

Specifically, get rid of those flabby muscles with some pull-ups!

Car Creator

This morning, a young man worked on creating a car with Legos.


Morning Crowd

Our numbers have been pretty steady all through the year …. around 80 students visiting the library between 7:00 and 7:50 am. This morning, we were busy singing Happy Birthday, helping students find books, and getting set up for a speaker visiting from Wofford.

jan-6-morning-sleepy-start jan-6-morning-filling-up-middle
jan-6-morning-middle-right jan-6-morning-left-side