Banned Book Week – Read a Book!

Come in to check out our Banned Books Week display.  Simply follow the footprints to the shelves and take a look at the titles.  Some are covered with paper bags with the reasons the book  (under the bag) was challenged.  What books do you see that are your favorite books?

Ask for the booklet that lists the most challenged/banned books from 2010-2011 and gives the reasons they were challenged or banned.

Don’t forget that Tuesday is Tattoo Tuesday.  Drop in any time to get your Banned Books Week tattoo!

2 thoughts on “Banned Book Week – Read a Book!

    • Thank you for your question Naomi. You can use our online catalog to see what books are available. Your post made me realize I never created a link to our catalog! So, now there is a link. On the right side of the page will be a link titled “SHS Catalog”. Click on the link, and you will go to the site where you can search through our collection of materials. Thank you so much for writing!

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