New Books for a New Year

First, ignore the six book limit (if you owe NO fines and have NO late books) and check out ten books for the holidays.

Secondly, we received new new NEW titles. They will be out for you after Christmas break. Along with biographies, science, and history titles, we have the following:

Justin Bieber (bio)
Tupac Shakur (bio)
Ni Ni Simone
Series of Unfortunate Events
Last Apprentice
more Rick Riordan titles
Melody Carlson books (Burnt Orange and other color titles)
Orson Scott Card
Ranger’s Apprentice
Elric (no one asked for this, but you all will LOVE this series – has a soul stealing sword in it)
Tilt and Perfect by Hopkins
Black Cat
Fairy Tail
Fullmetal Alchemis
D. Gray-Man
Alice in the Country of Clover
Captain America

Adventure Time: Series 1
Hunger Games
Phineas and Ferb
This Is It

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