Transcendentalism @ the Loquacious

From Mrs. Burke …

While studying Transcendentalism, a 19th century philosophical movement, students in Ms. Burke’s class discussed the importance of non-conformity, individualism, nature, and self-reliance.  We discussed that most modern individuals do not study philosophy any more, but rather use popular music as a source of inspiration.  For our Transcendentalism booklets, students combined Transcendentalism quotes with modern music connections to reinforce the importance of themes such as government, self-reliance, individualism, and nature.  Students then wrote their own Transcendentalist-inspired poem.

(Poems on display in the Loquacious.  Yes, pick a poem up and read it!)

jan 11 burke transcend manga

jan 11 burke transcend two jan 11 burke transcend yellow

jan 11 burke transcend colors

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