Lively Loquacious

We hosted many many events here, and I apologize for just now catching up and posting them all together in this “lump” post.

mar 26 matsuoka presentsMany many thank yous (doumo arigatou gozaimasu) to Ms. Matsuoka who visited today and will be visiting tomorrow.   She does an amazing presentation of Japanese culture – explaining the alphabet (there are THREE!! alphabets), words different genders use and why, and culture.   Students really enjoyed hearing her speak and asked great questions.
mar 20 city heights

Last Wednesday, City Heights engaged in improv for different classes.  In improv (short for improvisational), most or all of what is performed is created at the moment it is performed, with little or no pre-planning. City Heights skits portrayed issues like drinking and dealing with issues at schools.

And, of course, we enjoyed an early morning visit from our chorus students – very lovely!

mar 20 singers sing praises of books

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