Teen Read Week

Come Seek the Unknown at the library during Teen Read Week.  To the left of the library, you will notice a display of ghost, supernatural, and other books that fit the theme Seek the Unknown.  We are hosting two contests.  The first is called Shredded Evidence.  Take a look at the shredded book in the glass jar at the circulation desk.  Write down the title of the book you think is in the jar for a chance to win a prize.  We will draw multiple winners.  The second contest is called Picture the Unknown.   Take a picture of whatever you think represents the Unknown best.  You may submit your photo through our Library Contests group on Edmodo (code in the library) or print it out and hand it in to us.  Deadline for photo submission is October 18th.

2 thoughts on “Teen Read Week

  1. Hi, I’m a public librarian in Texas and I want to “borrow” your shredded evidence contest. Can you tell me about the rules? Are the students allowed to take out the shreds?

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