7Reads – Mary Alice Monroe

On September 9th, Spartanburg High School hosted Mary Alice Monroe, author of Skyward and The Butterfly’s Daughter, for our special 7Reads program.  Run at the high school by the school library staff (Susan Myers, Ashley Layne, and Myra Webb), 7Reads fosters the love of reading in students.

male half of corporationIn the morning, the entire student body met in the gym for a special 7Reads assembly.  Before Mary Alice spoke, the Corporation gave an amazing performance of “Gone, Gone, Gone” by Phillip Phillips.  Mrs. Monroe then addressed the student body and told the students about her writing – how she writes and what inspires her.  The author encouraged students to pursue what they were passionate about.


After the assembly, about sixty-eight students sep 9 fourth mary talks to group came to the library to hear Mary Alice and ask questions.  The author talked about the revision process, how to handle revising a book, and other ways to become a good author.  Students asked great questions about how to get discovered by the publishing houses.

sept 9 lunch whole group


For lunch, select students, our principals (Mr. Stevens and Mrs. Kidd), Dr. Pruitt, Dr. Redish, Ms. Campbell, the library staff, and Mr. Babcock ate with the author and her publicist, Mrs. Bennett, and talked about the author’s books.


sep 9 library students with author and pruittIn the evening, the public was invited to a special panel discussion with all three 7Reads authors – Mary Alice Monroe, Dr. Mary Ann Solebee, and Mr. Kobe Wilkerson III.   After the authors shared their books, Mary Alice stayed on stage and was joined by Savannah Stinson, Mary Vann, John Poole, Jake Keim, and William Harper for a discussion of books and writing.

Thank you to Dr. Pruitt for funding 7Reads.  Without this backing, we wouldn’t be able to host the authors.

You can view more 7Reads photos at our Facebook page.

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