National Library Week – Thank you!

Thank you all for being so supportive of National Library Week and the craziness we hosted in the library (Putt Putt, Stack the Cups, Selfie, and the Thanks a Latte).  Attached please find a Powerpoint that will run on the library tv with highlights of the week.  Stay tuned for a movie recap (being created by Ashley Layne) ….
A special thank you to Mr. Stevens for letting us borrow the putter and for Jennifer Richards for talking to a student and getting the putting green.  Thank you to the staff members who were brave enough to send selfies with a book – Joe Timmons, Arlene Newett, Arelis Vera, Karen Meadows-Rogers, Jeff Kuntz, Tinashe Gwata,  Stephanie Donald, Kellie Bertrand, Gary Purinton, and Telena Monosso.  Thank you to the students who participated in Putt Putt, Stack a Cup, Selfies, and Thanks a Latte.  And, a super big thank you to the BFOLs who have collaborated with us and let us into your teaching lives!

For a brief recap of the week – see below


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