assembly-view-from-back authors-with-students-who-asked-questions

Our day started with a school wide assembly in which Erin Lange, James McTeer, and Greg Neri spoke to the entire student body as part of our 7Reads reading initiative.  Dr. Booker gave a special presentation highlighting the ten years and thanking the founders of 7Reads.  After each author gave a brief summary of who they were and about their work (including James performing an outstanding rap – mic drop!), three students, Quinn Filler, Bryson Coleman, and Toneia Douglas, asked questions in an informal panel discussion format.

Following the assembly, the authors attended a special meet and greet with the librarians, district office personnel, and the founders of the 7Reads program.


Authors then went to different areas of the school to talk to classes.  A total of 395 students were able to see an author in a small group setting.

erin-with-nicknames-and-names greg-speaking-to-crowd-in-atrium james-group-showing-gamecock


A big Loquacious Library “Thank you” to  …

  • the authors Greg, James, and Erin for taking time out of their busy schedule to visit us
  • students Quinn Filler, Bryson Coleman, and Toneia Douglas for sitting in on the panel and asking engaging questions of our authors
  • JROTC for the presentation of colors
  • Zy’Ana Miller for a gorgeous performance of our national anthem
  • Kellie Bertrand for setting up equipment
  • Former principal Rodney Graves and parent Kathy Bennett for founding the program

You can see more photos on our Facebook page.


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