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Make and Take – Pom Pom Bookmark

Mrs. Layne put out yarn and directions so you can make your very own pom pom bookmark!

Of course, one young lady re-purposed her bookmark into a hair accessory …


Hand Made Hearts

Mrs. Myers folded construction paper in half and drew a heart in marker on the front to create the beginnings of Valentine Day cards. Mrs. Brito’s students were given glue and torn up paper so they could create a collage on the heart. The students also had pencils and crayons, and they wrote messages and drew a pictures on the inside of the cards.

feb-9-brito-b-concentrates feb-9-brito-b-decorating feb-9-brito-ma-writing-message
feb-9-brito-n-finished-front feb-9-brito-n-glued-heart feb-9-brito-group-shot-k-done

Create with Play-Doh

Mrs. Brito’s students visited the Loquacious today and used Play-Doh to create food and nature features.

sep 1 brito b and d creating sep 1 brito e working on pizza sep 1 brito j and b getting playdo ready
sep 1 brito f making food sep 1 brito k and e

Paper …. Paper Space!

We are testing out a Paper ….. Paper Space! Stop by and ask about using it.

mar 5 paper paper sign
mar 5 paper paper rules
mar 5 paper paper two students making

The conference room does not get used as often as it used to. I took over one cabinet and placed construction paper, glitter glue, regular glue, pipe cleaners, paper plates, scissors, and other paper making project materials in the cabinet. I pulled books about making origami and paper projects from the shelves and placed them under the cabinet. Currently, we are not charging for use of Paper …. Paper. This is a nice and different addition to what we are already offering …. green screen (for iMovie projects).

Just got feedback from the first two students to use the space. I need to purchase tissue paper, origami paper, and more paper craft type books.

Puppets @ the Loquacious

Last week, Mrs. Myers read Balloons Over Broadway which is a true story about the man who created the famous balloon puppets that we see at the Macy’s Parade. Today, she worked with some of Mrs. Brito’s students to create their own puppets. Students could create a person or an animal.

nov 14 brito finished puppet nov 14 brito turkey
nov 14 brito coloring puppet

You can see more puppet photos on our Facebook page.