7Reads – Kristina McMorris

Kristina McMorris, a New York Times best selling author, visited Spartanburg High School as part of the 7Reads Program. She shared with students how she became an author. We really appreciate the information she shared about the importance of reading and her research methodology. Her historical fiction books include information about World War II, the Great Depression, and Alcatraz. Thank you Kristina for visiting our school!

7Reads – Lance Rubin

Author Lance Rubin came on September 26th and talked to classes. Students had the opportunity to try improv and then later writing a very short story. Lance Rubin gave them the first sentence to write and then students wrote the rest of the story on their own. Lance was a dynamic speaker, and the students thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.


assembly-view-from-back authors-with-students-who-asked-questions

Our day started with a school wide assembly in which Erin Lange, James McTeer, and Greg Neri spoke to the entire student body as part of our 7Reads reading initiative.  Dr. Booker gave a special presentation highlighting the ten years and thanking the founders of 7Reads.  After each author gave a brief summary of who they were and about their work (including James performing an outstanding rap – mic drop!), three students, Quinn Filler, Bryson Coleman, and Toneia Douglas, asked questions in an informal panel discussion format.

Following the assembly, the authors attended a special meet and greet with the librarians, district office personnel, and the founders of the 7Reads program.


Authors then went to different areas of the school to talk to classes.  A total of 395 students were able to see an author in a small group setting.

erin-with-nicknames-and-names greg-speaking-to-crowd-in-atrium james-group-showing-gamecock


A big Loquacious Library “Thank you” to  …

  • the authors Greg, James, and Erin for taking time out of their busy schedule to visit us
  • students Quinn Filler, Bryson Coleman, and Toneia Douglas for sitting in on the panel and asking engaging questions of our authors
  • JROTC for the presentation of colors
  • Zy’Ana Miller for a gorgeous performance of our national anthem
  • Kellie Bertrand for setting up equipment
  • Former principal Rodney Graves and parent Kathy Bennett for founding the program

You can see more photos on our Facebook page.


GO Virals! Brendan Reichs Visit

oct 6 reichs science is fun

Brendan Reichs, the co-author of the Virals series, visited the Loquacious Library for 7Reads.  He gave a wonderfully entertaining and interesting presentation on forensics, how forensic scientists gather information, and about his Virals series.  Students also found out about an upcoming series which will start with the book Nemesis.


Later in the day, Brendan hosted a writing session and gave practical tips and strategies about writing a book.
oct 6 brendan with writing group fun

Brendan was extremely generous with his time  – signing books and talking to students between sessions.

Thank you Brendan for visiting Spartanburg High School and the Loquacious Library!