Banned Books Week …

Banned Books Week starts on September 22nd, and we already have a display up. Presentations will be offered starting the first week in October. Come by the library to see what has been banned or challenged in different libraries and schools in the United States.

Banned Books Week!

We just finished putting the finishing touches on the Banned Books Week display when a young lady asked to check one out ….  well, actually five of them!  Stop by the library from September 26 – 20th and ask about banned and challenged books.  Celebrate your right to read!



Mr. Ware’s English classes visited the library to learn about Banned Books. We started off by playing a Kahoot, and students learned terms like banned and challenged as well as seeing some titles that have been banned. After Kahoot, Mrs. Myers walked through a presentation showing data about banned/challenged books from the American Library Association. Students learned how to find the Banned Books category in the catalog system and checked out a book from the Banned Books display,

oct 2 banned kahoot results