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Speed Dating!

Mrs. Eaton and Gibson’s classes participated in a speed dating event in the Loquacious Library. Mrs. Myers used the documents and ideas presented on Gwyneth Jones’s (also known as The Daring Librarian) blog. Mary Reilly-Clark (SEMS Library Lady) came up with the activity, and you can find the details about the activity and the documents necessary to replicate it at The Daring Library blog.

Thank you Mrs. Eaton and Mrs. Gibson for taking photos and filming! Please take a look at the video to see how the dating scene went down …

Decorated for Christmas

Thank you Mrs. Brito’s students for helping Mrs. Myers decorate the library. We are very festive!


Rivals Welcomed at Spartan High!

Instead of hosting a pep rally to shout, “Beat Dorman!”, the Spartanburg High School student council welcomed students from Dorman with open arms. Our student council worked with students from Dorman who were interested in student council as a way to help revitalize their student council program. SHS students started off with a general presentation explaining the purpose of student council and showing highlights from the year. Then, Dorman students attended breakout sessions in different areas of the library to learn about community service, planning/organization, and elections. You can view the movie below for highlights from the day.

Evaluating Websites

Mrs. Myers worked with Mrs. Gibson’s Freshmen English classes on March 22nd on evaluating websites. After showing them a quick video about everything being true on the Internet (oh boy – that French model!!), she used a modified version of Kathy Schrock’s 5 W’s of Website Evaluation. Mrs. Myers also explained how students could use the Advanced search function in Google to force Google to find better sites. After that, the students and Mrs. Myers looked at a website together and used the 5 W’s to decide if the website was real or a fake website. For the final activity, students accessed a Socrative quiz that Mrs. Myers created and looked at different sites that were fake and sites that were real. We all loved the hospital site (very fake).

mar 22 socrative evaluating the website
mar 22 socrative example question
mar 22 socrative seeing if answer is correct

AP History in the Loquacious

Mrs. Clinch brought her classes in for research.  Students are given a topic (blind pull piece of paper) from the 1930s.  Mrs. Myers is doing a quick presentation on using the catalog, DISCUS, and the Library of Congress to find materials on their topics.  This is a good experience for the students as they are learning to work with their keyword search and think outside of the box.  For example, one student had a music related topic and found out that while the history section was good (900 call number area) that the music section (700 area) was better.

feb 24 clinch one book resource feb 24 clinch one finding digital feb 24 clinch one on the hunt