Comparing Resources – Student Led

Flashback to September 8th …

Mr. Eaton asked Mrs. Myers to do a lesson on different resources and talk about the pitfalls of Google to social studies classes who would be doing a research project on religions. Mrs. Myers asked Mr. Eaton to split the class into three groups. She created guiding questions for each group, and all of the groups took the same topic (Scientology) but researched it using a different resource. One group took on Google, one the catalog, and one DISCUS. When about twenty minutes was left in class, each group sent a couple or few representatives to the front where they used the ActivPanel to share the results of their search.

Speed Dating!

Mrs. Eaton and Gibson’s classes participated in a speed dating event in the Loquacious Library. Mrs. Myers used the documents and ideas presented on Gwyneth Jones’s (also known as The Daring Librarian) blog. Mary Reilly-Clark (SEMS Library Lady) came up with the activity, and you can find the details about the activity and the documents necessary to replicate it at The Daring Library blog.

Thank you Mrs. Eaton and Mrs. Gibson for taking photos and filming! Please take a look at the video to see how the dating scene went down …

Rivals Welcomed at Spartan High!

Instead of hosting a pep rally to shout, “Beat Dorman!”, the Spartanburg High School student council welcomed students from Dorman with open arms. Our student council worked with students from Dorman who were interested in student council as a way to help revitalize their student council program. SHS students started off with a general presentation explaining the purpose of student council and showing highlights from the year. Then, Dorman students attended breakout sessions in different areas of the library to learn about community service, planning/organization, and elections. You can view the movie below for highlights from the day.