Speed Dating

Students from Mrs. Thomas’s English classes visited the library in search of true love.  There were a couple of broken hearts but overall students found an interesting title to take home.   You can see the romance blooming in the video below …


Orientation – Scavenger Hunt

Mrs. Thomas’s classes visited and learned about the library by participating in a scavenger hunt.  Students moved around the library searching for books, talking to the library staff, and accessing digital resources in order to answer questions.  Check out the action in the photos below!

Speed Dating!

Mrs. Eaton and Gibson’s classes participated in a speed dating event in the Loquacious Library. Mrs. Myers used the documents and ideas presented on Gwyneth Jones’s (also known as The Daring Librarian) blog. Mary Reilly-Clark (SEMS Library Lady) came up with the activity, and you can find the details about the activity and the documents necessary to replicate it at The Daring Library blog.

Thank you Mrs. Eaton and Mrs. Gibson for taking photos and filming! Please take a look at the video to see how the dating scene went down …

Beowulf Was Here ….

Beowulf skulked into the library …. leaving debris and loot as he battled Grendel.   You can even see Grendel’s head!

oct-18-beowulf-goblet-coins oct-18-beowulf-painting oct-18-beowulf-helmet
oct-18-beowulf-poster oct-18-beowulf-village-scene oct-18-beowulf-shield

The souvenirs you see on the shelves in the back are part of a time travelers project assigned by Mrs. Jamison.  Students created a time machine and traveled to the Anglo-Saxon period and the fictional world of Beowulf.  The items you see are items they created or gathered while traveling.