Thirty Classes Last Week

For the week of August 22-26, we worked with thirty classes. Social studies and English classes came in for a general orientation of services offered and available resources (physical and digital). Mr. Gosnell’s health classes came in for a “How to Take Notes” session with Mrs. Layne and then heard about health resources the next day with Mrs. Myers. All students created a username and password to use Zinio – a platform that allows access to electronic magazines.

The photos below show Mr. Gosnell’s class getting information on health resources …

aug 26 gosnell catalog search aug 26 gosnell student helping another aug 26 gosnell using zinio

Taking Notes and Finding a Book

Mrs. Layne worked with Mr. Gosnell’s health class and showed them different ways to take notes. The students first watched a humorous video in which a man takes notes on EVERYTHING. Ashley then demonstrated Cornell notes and talked about outlining and webbing.

aug 26 gosnell layne raised hand aug 26 gosnell layne webbing to take notes

Thank you to Mr. Gosnell for taking photos of Mrs. Layne working with his class.

Also, during the day, Mrs. Myers worked with Mr. Ware’s English classes to help them select a book. The students were very excited to find out that they could check out up to six titles!
aug 26 ware look what I found

Book Talks, Ad Analysis, and Social Studies

Yesterday and today, Mrs. Myers conducted book talks with different English classes.  One of the teachers gathered topics of interest, and Mrs. Myers pulled books on the topics given as well as titles similar to The Hunger Games and Tears of a Tiger.

sept 5 book talk







Today, we also served two classes side by side in the back of the media center.  Mr. Gosnell worked with his students on media literacy.  Students looked through magazines for ads that had health topics and analyzed them for message and influence.

sept 6 gosnell directions analyze ads








Mr. McAninch’s classes used country books to research cultures in the medieval world.

sept 6 mcaninch research









Thank you Vikings for using the Loquacious Library!



Mr. Ed Meets Mr. Ed

During 7Shares, I showed off our new squirrel (Magnetic!  I can change his oufit!!) to several people walking into the library.  I mentioned to one that I was thinking about naming this squirrel.  She said, “You should name him Mr. Ed after Ed Gosnell.”  Mr. Gosnell teaches health here and rides a motorcycle.  In this shot, Mr. Ed finally meets Mr. Ed –


sept 6 two squirrels