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More Pom Pom Bookmarks!

Come and make one, too!


Make and Take – Pom Pom Bookmark

Mrs. Layne put out yarn and directions so you can make your very own pom pom bookmark!

Of course, one young lady re-purposed her bookmark into a hair accessory …

Car Creator

This morning, a young man worked on creating a car with Legos.


K’Nex and Board Games

Someone found the K’Nex box!!!
aug 29 found knex

What can you make?

Also, we have several board games for you to play in the library or check out.

Play-Doh and Special Education

Mrs. Myers ran by Rite-Aid yesterday afternoon looking for a game for Mrs. Brito’s class and found Play-Doh instead. She directed students to make snakes, cakes, and pizza, but there was free-creation as well. Students choose to make snowmen, tacos, and scary faces.

D has autism and Mrs. Brito told me he doesn’t normally like tactile activities. However, D dived right in – not only making a snake (as directed) but also making a bird (a suggestion from Mrs. Myers).

mar 17 playdo b free create mar 17 playdo d free create mar 17 playdo f gets it set
mar 17 playdo j made a snake mar 17 playdo n made pizza
mar 17 playdo d made a bird mar 17 playdo d bird detail