Math in the Library

Mrs. Myers used M&M’s with Mrs. Brito’s class to reinforce and teach math skills. Each student opened three packages of mini M&M’s and sorted them on a graph (pre-drawn lines by Mrs. Myers) by color. The class talked about each student and which color he or she had the most of. Students then got to eat that color. Next, we talked about the fewest and then ate those colors. Students practiced counting and writing numbers as well.

Thank you to Felicity for taking such awesome photos!

sep 3 taken by f b and brito sep 3 taken by f graph sep 3 taken by f n taking break
sep 3 taken by f selfie sep 3 taken by f silly myers

Big6 and Orientation

Mrs. Jordan’s math classes came in for an introduction to the Big6.  They will come back for a review of the concept and start researching mathematicians using the Big6 process.

jordan discuss big6







During the same day, Mrs. Newett’s classes received an orientation of the library.

newett in the round







The library is getting booked up so schedule your classes soon!

Multi Use

Today, math, Wofford College, and social studies are using our space and services.  Mrs. Tighe is going to show Mr. Millwood’s social studies students how to use our catalog so they can locate the books they need for a project.  Mr. Madison’s classes are using magazines to analyze statistics.  A small group of students have been working with Wofford College in a series of talks designed to help them get into a college.  Today, they had guest speakers from Carolina Alliance Bank talking about personal finance.

Madison’s students reading with a purpose.

Carolina Alliance representatives