Poetry Out Loud

The Poetry Out Loud contest was held in the media center yesterday afternoon starting at 3:30. Elizabeth Freeman, India Foster, and Nora Grace Smith participated as contestants. Thank you very much to Celena Rusch from USC Upstate, Lauren Ferebee from HubBub, and Sara Katherine Hammond Wade, who is a youth minister at Trinity, for judging the contestants. Eleanor Fentiman, a junior at SHS, served as our accuracy judge.

Many congratulations to Nora Grace for winning the contest. Nora won a gift certificate from Hub City Bookshop and will move on to the upstate competition at Hub Bub. You can get information about that contest by visiting the Hub Bub website.

You can view part of yesterdays contest in the video below ….


Congratulations Poem in Your Pocket Winner!

Congratulations to Eric Tkachuk for winning the Poem in Your Pocket large prize drawing.  Eric walked away with a bag full of poetry books, a $20 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, a journal to write poetry in, and more!  Also, congratulations to Brittney Clifton, Simone Stinson, A’Taria Rumph, Yasmine Savage, and Dante Bailey who won small prizes during the contest.

april 29 poetry winner eric tkachuk

Poem In Your Pocket – First Winner

Congratulations to Brittnay Clifton who was our first winner in the Poem In Your Pocket contest!  You can win, too.  Make sure you have a poem in your pocket (one you wrote or one you copied) every day between now and April 29th.  If you are caught with a poem, your name goes in a hat for a random drawing.  Not only do you have a chance to win a small prize, but your name will go in the end of month big drawing to win


Yes, you have a chance to win a bag with poetry books, a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble, a journal to write your poetry in, and more!  So, make sure you have a poem in your pocket.

Poem in Your Pocket CONTEST

Want a chance to win a small prize?  Want a chance to win the big BAG o prizes with poetry book, mark your spot stickies, a journal, and more?  Just have a poem in your pocket!  The Poem in Your Pocket contest starts April 14th – when we get back from Spring Break.  ANY teacher can ask you if you have a poem in your pocket.  If you can pull one out (either one you have written or one written by another poet),  your name will go into a drawing for a small prize.  You can get caught multiple times.  On April 29th, all names (of students caught) will go into the drawing for the big BAG  OF POETRY PRIZES!


Come take a look at our Poem In Your Pocket display and check out some great poetry!

march 31 poem in pocket display

Poetry Contest

I know we have wonderful poets at Spartanburg High School.  Open the PDF attachment to get details about a Poetry Contest presented by the Chapman Cultural Center.  Your poem could be posted on the Chapman Cultural Center website as well as on a marker (as part of a Scavenger Hunt).  The deadline is February 28th so get writing!