Principal’s Reading Honor Roll Party

Principal’s Reading Honor Roll students who read at least fifteen books were invited to our party today.   We  served them cake, cupcakes, popcorn, and soda.  Congratulations to our top two readers, Caitlin Ronin who read 255 books and Dominique Sisneros who read 226 books.


may 2 principal freshman group with kidd may 2 principal have popcorn and cake may 2 principal loving the cake

Reading Logs Due

Hi readers!   Your reading logs are due Friday, April 25th.  Remember that we can check your check outs at Spartanburg High School.  It is important that you bring us a list of titles that you have read that do NOT come from our library.


72 students – 4,491 books!

The two cakes (yes, TWO) and bags of chips are GONE.  Seventy-two students joined the Principal’s Reading Honor Roll Club.  If students read thirty books, they receive a certificate signed by the principal.  Sixty of the seventy-two read at least fifteen books and were invited to a party held in the library.  Studnts really enjoyed the cake, chips, and soda.

We are really proud of our students who read 4,491 books this year!  One student, Tyquan Gentry, read 959 books.

Visit our Facebook page to see pictures of our awesome readers.

chocolate cake

Reading Club

The reading club met today with thirteen students showing up.  Mrs. Tighe deputized Mrs. Freeman to explain how the Principal’s Reading Honor Roll works.  It is so easy to be a member of the Principal’s Reading Club.

  1. Give us your name.
  2. We keep the book log for you.
  3. Tell us the titles of books you read from your personal collection, the public library, Barnes and Noble, or anywhere else.
  4. You do NOT have to tell us about books you check out from SHS.  We will check on that for you!
  5. Read 30 books by the end of the year and get a signed certificate from the principal.

The staff will randomly draw names throughout the year and give prizes.  Also, we invite readers (you must be an ACTIVE participant to qualify) to a party at the end of the year.

You can also be a member of the virtual book sharing club on Edmodo called Vikings Read.  Stop by to get the Edmodo code.


Club members decided they want to make bookmarks.  Mrs. Web will generate the template; the members will draw the design; and we will laminate them.  Also, the blue wall under the splat clock will be dedicate to club members interested in writing poetry or drawing pictures that tie in with book plots and characters.

Want to join the club!  Come on in and let us know.  We will get you signed up in two shakes of a lamb’s takl.


Principal Reading Party

The library closed during lunch for a VIP affair.  Only students who read fifteen books or more for the Principal’s Reading Honor Roll could enter.  They enjoyed cake and a choice of sweet tea or soda to drink.  Certificates were awarded to the students who read thirty or more titles.  Congratulations to all of our awesome readers!

For more pictures of our event, visit our Facebook page.