January 10th – Back with a BOOM

Teachers flooded our calendar with sign up requests. Thank you! Eleven classes visited this week and most of them came to check out books.

Speaking of reading, we started a new program called Read 20 in 20. Students get a Read 20 log in sheet. For twenty days, they read for a minimum of twenty minutes and write the name of the book and the page number range on the sheet. Then, the student hands in his or her sheet and gets his or her name on a card that goes on our windows under a huge number 20. The challenge is to keep reading and get the name moved into the higher clubs (40, 60, 80, and 100). Come by and get a reading log today!

Project LIT Chapter

Spartanburg High School has been selected as a chapter in the nationwide Project LIT community. As the logo says, “It’s not just reading, it’s a movement”. There are more than 1,000 Project Lit chapters across more than forty-five states (along with a few international chapters). The Project LIT Community is a national, grass roots literacy movement, a team of educators and students who work together to

• Empower our students as readers, writers, and leaders
• Promote a love of reading in schools and communities
• Read, discuss, and celebrate books that make our students feel seen, heard,
affirmed, and valued
• Champion young people and books that reflect their lived realities, communities,
and identities

The Spartanburg High School librarians’ Project LIT program includes: two ninth grade teachers reading Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds, four book buckets filled with thirty different Project LIT title selections, an online bookclub reading titles together as well as independently while exploring cultural and thematic topics, and hosting community leaders and authors to extend the literacy discussion beyond the book and outside the classroom.

The library staff thanks Terry Pruitt and Vance Jones for funding this important initiative. Without their support, we would not have been able to participate in this amazing program.

October 1 – 8

Come by and match the teacher with his/her favorite book. Every entry gets a chance to win the BIG CONTAINER OF CANDY!!

A thank you to the classes who came into the library. We had English, social studies, and German students.

283 books were checked out between October 1st – 8th. Readers do better in all subjects including science, math, history and civics … so come in and let us help you find a book to read!

Students …

Quick Stats – 9/16 until 9/20

– averaging roughly 86 students during morning crowd
– 298 books checked out for the week
– Jackson and Sessions brought classes to check out books
– Hispanic Heritage Month display created at front of library
– Banned Books Week display created at front of library
– order of books in Spanish sent out
– lesson plans for next week; DISCUS , Banned Books Week presentation
– new book promotion to classes
– fixing Spanish language labels on books so the labels ONLY identify books written in Spanish
– making art using paper plates and yarn
– shifted picture books to a larger location
– hosted district media specialists for PD