Info Smackdown !

Mrs. Layne adapted Brenda Boyer’s Search App Smackdown (see the article in School Library Journal) to work with Dr. Newett’s classes on using DISCUS. She created a flipped lesson in which students watched a short video created by her to learn the basics of using three databases in DISCUS. When they arrived in the library, students were randomly split into groups. Groups read questions (one at a time) and competed to see who could earn the most points. You can view the smackdown in the video below.

AP History in the Loquacious

Mrs. Clinch brought her classes in for research.  Students are given a topic (blind pull piece of paper) from the 1930s.  Mrs. Myers is doing a quick presentation on using the catalog, DISCUS, and the Library of Congress to find materials on their topics.  This is a good experience for the students as they are learning to work with their keyword search and think outside of the box.  For example, one student had a music related topic and found out that while the history section was good (900 call number area) that the music section (700 area) was better.

feb 24 clinch one book resource feb 24 clinch one finding digital feb 24 clinch one on the hunt

End of Year Report

We flew through an amazing year with integrating comics with science, conducting research, helping math students find statistics in books, and adding National Library Week programming to the mix. Please read the document below for an overview of how we worked with the students and why bringing classes to the library is so important.

DISCUS with Physical Science

Mr. Plaistad brought his very loquacious and energetic students to the library for a DISCUS lesson.  The students will be writing an argument paper about an alternative energy of their choice.  Mrs. Myers introduced them to Brittanica School, Opposing Viewpoints, and Points of View.  Students used the databases to gather evidence backing their energy choice.


dec 5 plaistad another way to work dec 5 plaistad panda bear dec 5 plaistad looking over discus