Snapshot Day

Please mark your calendars for Snapshot Day – November 14th. On Snapshot Day, the Loquacious Library staff will collect data, anecdotes, testimonials, and photographs to help show how we impact learning at Spartanburg High School. Please consider paying a visit on that day. We would love if you can find the time to schedule a class with us on that day. Share with us anecdotes about how the library or library staff helped you and your students. Data from our library and libraries across the state will be compiled and shared. There have been libraries where staff has been cut (and thus services). Budgets were slashed. Please help us to show the state why school libraries are a vital part of education! Be a part of Snapshot Day!!

Snapshot Day!!

Thank you for supporting the Loquacious Library.  There are community members, senators, business people, and others who do not understand the vital role of libraries in schools.  Help us share with them how important libraries are by visiting the SHS Library on April 25th.  April 25th is our Snapshot Day.  On that day, we will collect statistics, take photos, help students – do the things we normally do.  We also hope you will share your stories and comments about our library and how we have been a part of your life.  This data will be combined with data collected from libraries across the state and shared with principals, board members, PTO groups, and our government representatives.  So, please stop by on April 25th to use our computers, check out books, visit with the staff, and tell us what you think.