Info Smackdown !

Mrs. Layne adapted Brenda Boyer’s Search App Smackdown (see the article in School Library Journal) to work with Dr. Newett’s classes on using DISCUS. She created a flipped lesson in which students watched a short video created by her to learn the basics of using three databases in DISCUS. When they arrived in the library, students were randomly split into groups. Groups read questions (one at a time) and competed to see who could earn the most points. You can view the smackdown in the video below.

Comparing Resources – Student Led

Flashback to September 8th …

Mr. Eaton asked Mrs. Myers to do a lesson on different resources and talk about the pitfalls of Google to social studies classes who would be doing a research project on religions. Mrs. Myers asked Mr. Eaton to split the class into three groups. She created guiding questions for each group, and all of the groups took the same topic (Scientology) but researched it using a different resource. One group took on Google, one the catalog, and one DISCUS. When about twenty minutes was left in class, each group sent a couple or few representatives to the front where they used the ActivPanel to share the results of their search.

Sharing Online … OOPS

Mrs. Layne worked with Dr. Newett’s social studies classes to talk about personal information and sharing online. She showed a video showing how easy it is to find personal information on social media. The class engaged in a discussion about the pros and cons of sharing information online.

If you can not view the YouTube video, click on the Dropbox link below ..

Google Earth

Mrs. Myers worked with Dr. Newett’s social studies classes to teach them how to use a couple of the features on Google Earth. The students practiced measuring distance by using the ruler and looking at our school (the buildings, football field, etc). We also learned how to get an altitude measurement … Mount Everest is not a cake walk! Finally, Mrs. Myers and students walked together through creating a tour. Students then created a tour that included three places for a class grade.

aug 31 newett another tour aug 31 newett making a path on Google Earth aug 32 newett students creating a tour

And in one class, Mrs. Myers found a young man who taught the class how to do street view on Google Earth.
aug 31 newett student demonstrating street view