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Hand Made Hearts

Mrs. Myers folded construction paper in half and drew a heart in marker on the front to create the beginnings of Valentine Day cards. Mrs. Brito’s students were given glue and torn up paper so they could create a collage on the heart. The students also had pencils and crayons, and they wrote messages and drew a pictures on the inside of the cards.

feb-9-brito-b-concentrates feb-9-brito-b-decorating feb-9-brito-ma-writing-message
feb-9-brito-n-finished-front feb-9-brito-n-glued-heart feb-9-brito-group-shot-k-done

Let It Snow, Let It Snow …..

Mrs. Brito’s class came in and made snow! We tried the baking soda and conditioner recipe, but there are others to try as well. The mixture really does look like snow. We talked about what baking soda and conditioner is used for before mixing them together.

jan-5-snow-ingredients jan-5-brito-snow-all-in-photo jan-5-make-snow-group-myers-hands-out

Decorated for Christmas

Thank you Mrs. Brito’s students for helping Mrs. Myers decorate the library. We are very festive!


Create with Play-Doh

Mrs. Brito’s students visited the Loquacious today and used Play-Doh to create food and nature features.

sep 1 brito b and d creating sep 1 brito e working on pizza sep 1 brito j and b getting playdo ready
sep 1 brito f making food sep 1 brito k and e

Play-Doh and Special Education

Mrs. Myers ran by Rite-Aid yesterday afternoon looking for a game for Mrs. Brito’s class and found Play-Doh instead. She directed students to make snakes, cakes, and pizza, but there was free-creation as well. Students choose to make snowmen, tacos, and scary faces.

D has autism and Mrs. Brito told me he doesn’t normally like tactile activities. However, D dived right in – not only making a snake (as directed) but also making a bird (a suggestion from Mrs. Myers).

mar 17 playdo b free create mar 17 playdo d free create mar 17 playdo f gets it set
mar 17 playdo j made a snake mar 17 playdo n made pizza
mar 17 playdo d made a bird mar 17 playdo d bird detail