Electronic Magazines!

We subscribed last year to electronic magazines through Zinio.  For everyone (including students) who wants to create an account,  click on Electronic Magazines on the right side of this page and create an account.  You MUST be at school to create an account.  After you create one, you can login and access magazines through your Mac from school and home.

Hour of Code

We celebrated Hour of Code the entire day in the SHS Library. Dr. Dawkins’s students presented and explained their Scratch projects to parents and district office personnel. In the video, you can watch parents and Dr. Booker trying out games the students created. While this was taking place, Mr. Babcock introduced students to http://code.org/learn and the different coding possibilities there. During lunch, Mr. Lipp, an electronics and robotics instructor from Daniel Morgan Technology Center, set up electronics and robots and explained how they worked. You can see Mr. Babcock talking with a robot in the video below!

Decorating, Prezi, and DISCUS

On Friday (the 10th) morning, one of our students spent time decorating part of our library for Halloween.  During the day, Mr. Babcock used the tv in the center area of the library to introduce students to Prezi Pro.  While he was doing that, Mrs. Layne was working with Mrs. Potter’s English classes and showing them how to use DISCUS.