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7Reads – Lance Rubin

Author Lance Rubin came on September 26th and talked to classes. Students had the opportunity to try improv and then later writing a very short story. Lance Rubin gave them the first sentence to write and then students wrote the rest of the story on their own. Lance was a dynamic speaker, and the students thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.


BreakOUT! Can You Open the Locks?

Dr. Hardy brought her English classes in for orientation … done BreakOut Edu style. You can purchase kits for a reasonable price, but I am going to look into alternative locks because a couple of the locks that came with the kit were “grouchy”. Take a look at all of the thinking action in the video below …

Comparing Resources – Student Led

Flashback to September 8th …

Mr. Eaton asked Mrs. Myers to do a lesson on different resources and talk about the pitfalls of Google to social studies classes who would be doing a research project on religions. Mrs. Myers asked Mr. Eaton to split the class into three groups. She created guiding questions for each group, and all of the groups took the same topic (Scientology) but researched it using a different resource. One group took on Google, one the catalog, and one DISCUS. When about twenty minutes was left in class, each group sent a couple or few representatives to the front where they used the ActivPanel to share the results of their search.

National Library Week – Our Week in Summary

Mrs. Layne put together this awesome video of everything that happened during National Library Week.  If you can’t view the YouTube below, please go to this Dropbox link.


National Library Week

We had a great time hosting contests and giving away prizes for National Library Week. The video below shows highlights of the events that took place in the library.