March Madness @ the Loquacious!

Prizes? Basketball? Books? What could be better?!

Participate in March Madness. Stop by to see our March Madness board, check in each week to see who wins, and check out a book from one of the March Madness authors. You can either vote online (see the FA and SHS Ignites Edmodo group for the links) or on the paper ballots at the circulation desk. Many chances to enter – many chances to win prizes!

mar 3 march madness board mar 3 march madness books

Name the Book Club

I had a couple of students grab me during morning madness and ask if we could have a morning book club.  Yes!  The first meeting will be September 24th  starting at 7:20ish and ending when the bell rings.  Everyone needs to read a manga or watch an anime. October’s genre will be danger mission/action (think Mission Impossible stuff or Tom Clancy).  Now, the club needs a name.  Hop on the poll and pick your favorite name for the new morning book club!

VOTE – 7Reads on January 30th

Students – be sure to VOTE on January 30th.  The potential candidates for the 7Reads summer reading list has been narrowed down to twelve titles.  Make your voice heard.  YOU decide which six of those appear on the final official list.  Vote for ONE title on January 30th.  You may vote in the library all day long (study hall and lunch) OR go to the ID room (near the cafeteria).  The six titles receiving the most votes WIN and make it to THE list.

Not sure what the titles are or what the books are about?

Check out the awesome posters created by Mrs. Burke hanging in the hall on the way to the cafeteria.


Watch our tv in the library