Fiction and New Organization

In the past, if someone wanted to look for a fantasy, horror, or other type of book, he would have to walk up and down the shelves looking for small stickers. We asked, you voted, and we made it happen … the fiction starts with genres! In order from closest to the office to farthest away, you can find horror, romance, fantasy, science fiction, and sports. The rest of the fiction comes after that. Each genre has its on colorful, see-through sticker on the call number on the spine. For example, all of the sports books have a yellow sticker.

We hope this makes it easier for you to find the books you want to read!

Fitting In a Fit Desk Work Out

Come by and take a spin on one of our four Fit Desks. Many students are using them, and we have had several tell us that it helps them with their ADD. One student used it while typing a paper and said that the words were flowing more easily. We even had a race going on yesterday afternoon between Mrs. Khoury and a student!

Work on your papers, Powerpoints, lesson plans, read a book, or just pedal your cares away. Everyone is welcome.