The Loquacious Salon


September Loquacious Library Newsletter

7Reads – Lance Rubin

Author Lance Rubin came on September 26th and talked to classes. Students had the opportunity to try improv and then later writing a very short story. Lance Rubin gave them the first sentence to write and then students wrote the rest of the story on their own. Lance was a dynamic speaker, and the students thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.

Banned Books Week …

Banned Books Week starts on September 22nd, and we already have a display up. Presentations will be offered starting the first week in October. Come by the library to see what has been banned or challenged in different libraries and schools in the United States.

BreakOUT! Can You Open the Locks?

Dr. Hardy brought her English classes in for orientation … done BreakOut Edu style. You can purchase kits for a reasonable price, but I am going to look into alternative locks because a couple of the locks that came with the kit were “grouchy”. Take a look at all of the thinking action in the video below …