We Are All Mad in Here …..

Mad about March and basketball! Visit the library to see our special display of books and e-books and join the madness.


Jag …. you have heard about it? What is it? Come by the library and check out the special kiosk at the front which has information about JAG … and then sign up for this class!

Speed Dating!

Mrs. Eaton and Gibson’s classes participated in a speed dating event in the Loquacious Library. Mrs. Myers used the documents and ideas presented on Gwyneth Jones’s (also known as The Daring Librarian) blog. Mary Reilly-Clark (SEMS Library Lady) came up with the activity, and you can find the details about the activity and the documents necessary to replicate it at The Daring Library blog.

Thank you Mrs. Eaton and Mrs. Gibson for taking photos and filming! Please take a look at the video to see how the dating scene went down …

Hand Made Hearts

Mrs. Myers folded construction paper in half and drew a heart in marker on the front to create the beginnings of Valentine Day cards. Mrs. Brito’s students were given glue and torn up paper so they could create a collage on the heart. The students also had pencils and crayons, and they wrote messages and drew a pictures on the inside of the cards.

feb-9-brito-b-concentrates feb-9-brito-b-decorating feb-9-brito-ma-writing-message
feb-9-brito-n-finished-front feb-9-brito-n-glued-heart feb-9-brito-group-shot-k-done

SCPL – Prize Winner

Once a month, the Teen Department reps come from the Spartanburg County Public Library during lunch to promote programs and give away prizes. Sometimes, the prizes are instant win, and sometimes they do a drawing. This past Friday was a drawing. Congratulations to Marina Chan for winning the Teen prize!