Students, teachers, and administrators visited the library to play cornhole as part of our National Library Week celebration. Anyone who played received a bag of popcorn. People who got at least one bag into the hole got to pick a small prize. Names of people who scored are being put into a drawing for a bigger prize. Stay tuned for an announcement of our winners!

A handful of photos can be seen below but many more can be viewed on our Facebook page.

apr 14 nlw cornhole girl reacts apr 14 nlw cornhole going in hole apr 14 nlw cornhole group play
apr 14 nlw cornhole guy just threw apr 14 nlw cornhole newett throwing

Minute to Win It

On Wednesday, April 13th, we played Minute to Win It. Students had to move one marshmallow at a time from a large bowl to a Chinese take out box. Mrs. Brito’s students used a spoon while students who came during lunch used chopsticks. The student who had the most marshmallows in the take out box at the end of each lunch won a prize. The student who had the most overall won a Bag of Swag.

apr 13 nlw minute f lunch game on apr 13 nlw minute j f n getting marsh apr 13 nlw minute f lunch winner
apr 13 nlw minute s lunch first group apr 13 nlw minute s lunch winner apr 13 nlw minute t lunch really getting into it apr 13 nlw minute t lunch winner

You can see more Minute to Win It photos on our Facebook page.


DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Day took place on Tuesday, April 12th. We caught many many students reading (and a teacher, too)! Each person caught received an aux cord, earbuds, a small bag of candy, or chips. Everyone’s name was put into a random drawing and Brittney Burgess won the grand prize – an 808 Canz bluetooth speaker.

Thank you to everyone who participated in DEAR.

apr 12 dear c reads comic book apr 12 dear v with prize apr 12 dear reading cat book
apr 12 dear n reading yellow book apr 12 dear in myers chair reading

You can see more readers on our Facebook page.