7Reads – Kristina McMorris

Kristina McMorris, a New York Times best selling author, visited Spartanburg High School as part of the 7Reads Program. She shared with students how she became an author. We really appreciate the information she shared about the importance of reading and her research methodology. Her historical fiction books include information about World War II, the Great Depression, and Alcatraz. Thank you Kristina for visiting our school!

We Mustache You to Join Our Contest!!

It is No Shave November! Come in rocking your beard, mustache, or both and get your picture taken. No facial hair? Use our ‘stache in the picture! Everyone who poses for a picture goes into a contest where students and staff vote for their favorite facial hair (real and ‘stached in different categories). Participants immediately receive a small prize. The winners (one for real and one for ‘stached) receive a ‘stached crown!

Get your picture taken anytime between November 1st and November 16th. Voting will take place on the 19th, 20th, and 26th. We crown the winner on November 27th.

Fiction and New Organization

In the past, if someone wanted to look for a fantasy, horror, or other type of book, he would have to walk up and down the shelves looking for small stickers. We asked, you voted, and we made it happen … the fiction starts with genres! In order from closest to the office to farthest away, you can find horror, romance, fantasy, science fiction, and sports. The rest of the fiction comes after that. Each genre has its on colorful, see-through sticker on the call number on the spine. For example, all of the sports books have a yellow sticker.

We hope this makes it easier for you to find the books you want to read!